The Solacii is an interactive art piece that combines elements of reverent sculpture, sacred space, and responsive design.

Representing a race of mythical ancient beings, the Solacii has observed the entirety of human history with deep empathy – feeling each exuberant joy and aching pain of our species.

The mysterious being is clothed in an intricate dress crafted from personal garments and heirlooms gathered from the community – symbolizing the collective memories, stories, and experiences of the human race.

With wise old hands, the Solacii opens its many layered cloak to reveal a sanctuary for curious visitors.

Inside the sanctum, visitors are immersed in the textures and sounds of the Solacii’s ancient, transdimensional body.

Both cozy and cathedral-like, the inner sanctuary offers a space for solitude and intimate gatherings, a home for meditation, deep conversation, and healing.

Photography © Sari Blum