It is with great joy that we are announcing that the Solacii was selected for a 2 year installation in Downtown Fremont! For new swag and art offerings in support of the installation, please visit:

Solacii Hatchfund Campaign

The Solacii is going to Fremont!

Friends!!!Exciting news! The Solacii project has been selected for a 2 year installation in Downtown Fremont in the Bay Area! After a couple years dormancy since our Burning Man debut, it is such a joy to be bringing this powerful piece to a wider audience.Even though the sculpture already exists, there are a lot of costs that will go into bringing it in to the public sphere for this install (transport, insurance, legal fees, maintenance, etc). So we are launching another crowdfunding campaign to help us raise the money to make this happen!We’ve designed a whole new set of great Solacii swag for you as a thank you for helping us to share this work with the Default World. check out the campaign, give what you can, and help us to spread the word!All the love, the Solacii team.

Posted by The Solacii on Friday, April 26, 2019

Representing a race of mythical ancient beings, the Solacii has observed the entirety of human history with deep empathy – feeling each exuberant joy and aching pain of our species.

The mysterious being is clothed in an intricate dress crafted from personal garments and heirlooms gathered from the community – symbolizing the collective memories, stories, and experiences of the human race.

With wise old hands, the Solacii opens its many layered cloak to reveal a sanctuary for curious visitors.

Inside the sanctum, visitors are immersed in the textures and sounds of the Solacii’s ancient, transdimensional body.

Both cozy and cathedral-like, the inner sanctuary offers a space for solitude and intimate gatherings, a home for meditation, deep conversation, and healing.

Photography © Sari Blum