The Experience

The Solacii

The Solacii is a 21’ tall sculpture of an ancient being with many hands and faces that opens into a private sanctuary for travelers to use as a home for meditation, intimate gatherings, and personal ritual.

The Body

The Solacii’s 21’ tall internal frame will be fabricated out of steel. Sculpted into sinuous curves, the intersecting lines of the steel pipe will be visible from within the piece – evoking the branching filigree of veins or mycelium, the inner architecture of a transdimensional humanoid. The diameter of the sanctuary will be 8 feet, enough to fit about 7 people comfortably in conversation.

The Faces & Hands

The Solacii will have multiple faces turning ever towards the sunrise, and many hands welcoming and beckoning you forth. Hand-sculpted and cast in translucent resin, the faces and hands will be internally illuminated with dynamic,moving lights that shine in the night like a beacon for weary travelers.

The Cloak

The Solacii will clothed in an intricate white cloak of many layers and textures, crafted by Anastazia Louise Aranaga from deconstructed garments and heirlooms – personal items gathered from the community, symbolizing the collective memories and stories of the human race.

The Interior

Both cozy and cathedral-like, inside the sanctum, visitors are immersed in the sonic landscape of the Solacii’s ancient, transdimensional body.

Creating a ritual space through interactive technology, the internal space transmutes the voices and stories of those who have taken refuge within – abstracted to become the somatic textures of pulse and breath. Your voice, your vulnerabilities, become the sanctuary to comfort those who will come after you

The Sounds

The sanctuary within The Solacii will be infused with an ambient soundscape evoking the expansive rhythms and textures of the inner body of an ancient being – pulse, breath, the moving of fluid & bones…This rich inner world is being designed and engineered by Goyo Aranaga

This soundscape will be responsive and constantly changing: subtle interactive technology will use microphones to record the voices and ambient sounds within the sanctuary and transmute these into the immersive environment around you.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with this environment by sharing stories, conversation, and song. Your voice, your vulnerabilities, become the sanctuary to comfort those who will come after you.

Experience The Solacii